UX/UI for the
Car Service App

Research, Prototyping and Design
The Environmental Impact of
Car Emossions

Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are both
gases produced by cars. Car emissions are the
second largest source of carbon dioxide and
equals to 20 % of the world's total. The world
has suffered 3,7 premature deaths due to air
Emissions by
Mode of

Key Solutions
Deeper Insight
of the

To get a deeper insigh of the consumers I had to conduct interviews with people at my University. What are their thoughts about changing their transportation pattern? And for example, what would they gain or lose.
Empathy Interview

People are worried that using other, more environmental friendly ways of transport is going to be more inconvenient, cost more and take more time. Although, people are very positive to make a change to do good for the environment. People also believe they would get a great deal of support from people around them, because it is a good cause. Many people felt they don't want to give up driving their own petrol based car right away before electrical vehicles is a bigger thing.

Emissions from cars is the second largest source of carbon dioxid. People prefer using their personal car over using other forms of transportation. Not only is it bad for the environment - it is also affecting people's health.
Can We?

Create a way for the consumers to keep the convenience of driving yourself to an exact location, keep the cost down and still decrease smissions?

Ideate using relevant words. Pull a random word and generate ideas for two minutes around those words. Then pull a new one and go again.

User Perspective

Explore the focus question from the perspective of specific users. How would the problem look like for a 15 year old boy? For your grandmother? Etc.
Time to Start
Using some
Ideation Techniques

In this stage I used two different ideation techniques that will help me connect my research and problem statement to an innovatite idea.
Results from
Using the
Ideation Techniques

After undergoing ideation, I summarized the results in three keywords and tried to implement those in already existing services. Keywords: Sharing, Electric cars and App
Already Existing
Services I Would
Like to Resemble

The first one is Uber, which is a very succesfull app and service which has benefitted a large number of users. The second one is Autolib, which was a French electric car service that closed in 2018.

Creating personas from the interviews and the ideation. What is the person's personality, what is that persons occupation, what are their technical ability and what does he/she has for goals and frustrations. And lastly, what is their motivation while transporting.
Final Idea
and Logotype

An electric rental car service which is all digitalized through an app. You will easily see where and what cars are in your area - and also when they are available. You retrieve, pay and unlock the car all in the app. When you are done you leave it at one of the charging stations.

Consumers want a service that is affordable, efficient and that's instant acess. But they fear that it's going to be too expensive and not enough charging stations is going to result in a inconvenient and time consuming service.


Consumers want a rating system that will result in an increased quality that will help the service being instant acess. They also feel that it's very positive that the service would benefit the environment. Lastly, they feel that if this service was up and running it would be very convenient.
Value Proposition

The value of Spectric is the convenience of getting to acess a car at anytime - anywhere. With an user friendly app, the users will be able to efficiently rent a car for how long they need. This service is a gateway to a more environmental friendly transportation system. The Spectric app will give the consumers a cheap and convenient service and ultimately lower emissions from cars but also lower the mass production of cars.
Low Quality

Low quality prototype of the interface made in Sketch. The user can test these prototypes online to see if the interface makes sense.
Final Design

Design and mock up is made in Sketch and in Photoshop.